Internet Marketing Part 1

If you are in business, and depending on the size of your business you will have some sort of Sales and Marketing system in place.  If you employ staff you will probably dedicate the Sales and Marketing task to a sales person, marketing manager, or a social media manager.

If you are entrepreneur just starting in businesses or you’re a sole trader you will create the leads and sales yourself. I have compiled a FREE short four part course that I will email over the next few days. That you can use. No matter if you are an established business or just starting out. I hope you find them useful. You can use and implement any of the ideals yourself or I can help you implement them as part of your business plan.

If you would like to discuss any of the ideas just contact me.

What System is best for my website?

A web content management system (WCMS) is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users to create and manage website content with relative ease. Word Press, Joomla, ModX, and Drupal are just a few.

My personal choice is Word Press along with 74,652,825 other users Worldwide so we all can’t all be wrong. See my free training videos here.

WP is probably the most versatile system available and its FREE with thousands of Plug ins (a Word Press Plug in is jargon meaning different applications example Dating application eCommerce application, membership application and literally thousands of other applications)


Wix and other similar systems

A lot of hosting companies have their own content management system, and seem very cheap to start with however they charge for add ons and once your site grows so will the monthly cost, this can stop you growing your business. Plus it could be difficult to move your website once its built.


If you are paying someone to build your web site it’s always better to have the same person host your site. This way if anything happens to your website your web designer can’t blame the hosting company and vice versa, leaving you stuck in the middle. I design, build, host and promote websites see my hosting deal starting at only £5 a month with free installation of the basic Word Press system and everything else that you need to get started. You can sign up on line at my sister site


Make sure your web site is Responsive, 60% of searches are carried out on mobile devices if your site is not responsive you will miss out on a lot of business. The best way to test this is to view your site on a mobile phone if you can read it and navigate your site it’s OK if your site is a miniature version of what you see on a PC monitor you really need to take some action. Word Press is responsive

Optimise for Google

In 2012 Google had 114.7 billion searches this represents 65.2% share of all searches made in the world, personally I would concentrate on SEO for Google to me it’s better to concentrate your budget on one search engine rather than dilute your spend over a many search engines. But this is only my opinion. If you like to discuss this further  Contact Me.

Social Media

Having various social media accounts is vital in today’s ‘friends’ world, its strange but I have never had so many friend and knew so little about them! A lot of large companies are now switched on to platforms such You Tube, Face Book, twitter and Linked In they now have a new position 'Social Media Manger' but not to worry if you don't have the budget I can show you ways to automate your Social Media Posts across many platforms. This method will save you lots of time, and is very useful tool for your business. Face book is the second most popular site in the World, and for business Linked in is probably the top site for professionals. See my free Linked in Course click here.

If you want to save time you can now create one post and send it out to all of Social Media accounts with on click see this link click here  I use this plugin on my Word Press site

Face Book business page

Depending on your target market, for example if your customers are largely the general public a face book business page is a fantastic way to build relationships with new potential customs. For large companies it can be a really use full PR exercise especially if you support a charities with your business. Its a good way to launch new products and services. There are many tools such as competitions, surveys and eCommerce shops available. Again this can be outsourced, or if you’re a larger company you probably have a member of staff who knows face book like the back of their hand  and could quite easily become your Social Media Manger ( no extra cash just a bigger desk and a title) 



If your budget allows have an ongoing Search Engine Optimisation in place, we can manage this for you and give you reports to see where your web site starts in Google page Ranking and you can see its progressions as the months go by. We would out source this. One thing is for sure there are no guarantees with SEO and I will explain why if you contact me, So if anyone promises you a page one position be careful.


Video is increasing in popularity, simply because people prefer to watch a video rather than read pages and pages of unattractive text. It’s a must for any website, video help engages with your visitors and reduces bounce rate, helps to keep your visitors on your web site that bit longer. Also YouTube is owned by Google so you will start to see videos appearing in Google searches. If you have a demonstration video on how to set up or use your product it will be well worth using these videos on your website. Or you can have a spokes person to introduce your company or a happy customer giving you a testimonial.


See my ‘Talking Army’ again animation will engage you visitor we can also include a countdown timer, or a click to register for a special offer. The animation will focus your visitors and make them listen to your offer. Also if you need to announce closing dates, for holidays or flash sales. The system only takes minutes to amend. You can keep right up to date with any message you need to get across to new visitors. I can write and produce a walk on animation for £20 then give you the code so your web guy can us it on your web site or I can do it for you included in the price, it’s a one off cost and there are no hosting charges. If you want to buy your own system click here


I hope Part One above, of my Internet Mastery course has been helpful. If you would like to know more on how you can make your website work harder for your business. Subscribe below 100% free. I will email the link to the next section next week. What ever type of  business you have. You can expand your business by creating a course similar to this one giving useful information about your product or service. You can then start to engage with prospects who may be interested in sourcing products or services from you and eventually become clients and customers. If you would like me to discuss this idea further, contact me. I can give you a few FREE ideas.



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