Content is King

If you’re looking at my website, you must be thinking about how to make your website work harder for you.

Well I can help you. By getting more inquiries and more customers, clients and sales. A lot of Internet Gurus say that content is king. The simple truth is, they are right. You must have content that is relevant to your product or service. So when those darling little Google Artificial Intelligence spiders crawl your web site. They will read all your pages. This happens twenty four, seven. And there is no escape.

For example if you are a firm of Solicitors. The Google Spider with its Artificial Intelligence will read your website and make a conclusion, that your site has lots of information about the law. The Google spider will give you a high score.

This score is then absorbed along with many other factors into the Google algorithm. This then gives you your Google Page Rank score.

The higher your Page Rank. The higher your  Google search result will be.

But why go to all this trouble? You may be asking. Well Google is the most popular search engine in the World.  When people all over the World want to buy a product or service. They use Google.

So it’s very important. If not vital. That Google give Internet searchers results that are accurate. This is why Google is the number one in the World. And why Googles profits rose to $4.88 billion last year.

Once you understand this, your half way to becoming a number one company on Google. The big question is. How to get the correct company related content that Google Spiders will love to read.  The original way was to write content yourself using a Blog. If you’re a larger company you can outsource the work, and pay a professional writer to do research and write the articles for you. For example if you’re a firm of solicitors you could get a junior to research and write the content for you. But this may take up a lot of the juniors’ time and you still have to pay salaries.

But there is a way to produce relevant content at a fraction of the time.

When I think about the method I cannot help smiling. You can now buy an Artificial Intelligent writer that will research, write relevant content. So your Artificial Intelligent writer can be read by Artificial Intelligent Spiders. Sounds like something out of science fiction but believe me. It is true and it works. Watch the videos below. You can buy the system yourself by clicking on the link under the video. Then get someone within your company to do the work.

Or you can subcontract the work to me. I will spend a few hours a month. I will produce the content for you then place the content into your website all for a moderate fee.

if you like this idea contact me using the form below or ring me during UK office hours 0747 747 4244


Or contact me on the form below and I can give you a very good price to do the work for you.

I use the system as the videos have shown.